Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2006

Together is a costume jewellery-making set that enables two people to express their intimate feelings for each other. Historically, there is a long tradition in Europe of girls making a ring out of strands of their hair for their lovers to wear, and the set brings this tradition up-to-date for the modern world. With Together, fine strands of hair are encased in a resin mold to construct contemporary fashionable costume jewellery, but personalized with a lover’s hair, deep within the resin.

The set include a set of molds for making finger rings, and a bottle of liquid resin. Making the ring is easy; first half of resin is added to the mold, then the hair is laid into the mold and the remaining resin poured into the mold. Once dry, the ring can be removed from the mold and is ready to be worn. A number of different molds are provided to suit different finger sizes, and different styles of ring.