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    Horizon Console Table

    Horizon Console

    Inspired by the colorful, swirling lights over northern Canada, our Northern Lights Collection mixes color with edges of polished aluminum to provide a visually striking experience. Tables whose look changes with the angle at which they are viewed.
    Formed from quarter-inch solid aluminum, a flattened arc is structurally strengthened by a floating spine of color; the Horizon console table is light but strong. Polished metal edges creates a luxurious contrast with carefully chosen complementary colors.
    Designer: Di Tao
    Dimensions: L 51″ x H 31.5″ x D 10.6″
    Material and finishes: Pained aluminum with hand polished edges.
    Customizable: Size and colors
    Numbered edition: Made to order by artisans in Canada.
    Lead time: 10- 12 weeks
    Starting at: USD $5,640.00 (CAD $7,500.00)
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      Horizon Console Table
      Horizon Console Table
      Horizon Console Table