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From Toronto's Kew Beach, on the shore of Lake Ontario. A pebble washed smooth by time and tide, taken and cast in solid bronze. Hand polishing is then fused with the original rough texture, making each piece truly unique. A beautiful paperweight, a permanent connection to the power of nature to shape and form, an object of desire to admire for its own sake.

The Pebble is a numbered edition, and if not in stock, ships in four to six weeks.

Material: Solid bronze
Packaging: Wood presentation box

A memory of a warm summer's evening in Toronto.  Walking along the shore of Lake Ontario, cooling our feet in the water, and planning our new design store, Seven By Seven. Looking for an object, an idea, that expresses our philosophy as designers, and the city and country in which we live. The answer was under our feet.

We love the pebble, it has a simple, natural authenticity about it. It's a casting of one of millions of pebbles that make up the shore of Lank Ontario, that were around long before the towering glass and steel of downtown Toronto rose from the ground. Nothing special in themselves, yet forever part of our landscape and our lives.

With the pebble we wanted to create a fun paperweight, with weight and texture that makes you want to roll it around in your hand. To feel the cold of the bronze against the skin, to make a memory in it's own right. We also wanted to package it, and present it with the respect that it deserves.

Our prodicts products are generally modern, clean and minimalist designs. The Pebble is a little different in that it is taken directly from the natural world around us, and yet somehow it feels the same. It has the same thoughtful composition, the same attention to detail, the same honest materials, the same local manufacture.

Material: Solid bronze

Made in Canada

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