Toronto cordless kettle

Featured in Gizmodo and Minimalismo

This cordless kettle celebrates simplicity: water tank, handle, and power base; all are understated. However, when taken together as a whole, they quietly express the flow of water and power through the elements.


BlackBerry Q5

Red Dot Design Award: Product design 2014

The design of the BlackBerry Q5 smartphone emphasises the switch to the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. The rectilinear lines of the Q5 create a solid look, while the rounded edges of the back demonstrate ergonomic improvements. Replacing physical menu keys with contextual menus has allowed an increase in screen size. Despite that, the smartphone has also managed to retain a large keypad to augment readability, clarity and accuracy.

2nd hand gift

IDEA 2008 FINALIST: Leisure & Recreation

A special gift is designed to be passed from person to person to person. It is a unique expression of love, personalized and time limited, intensifying the experience of ownership. Each time a person receives the gift, they can enjoy its unique presence for a period, before resetting the lifespan of the gift, and handing it on to someone they care about.

When opened, a diamond display is illuminated and it reminds the temporary owner of how much time is left before the gift must be passed on.

TIFF People’s Choice Award

IDEA 2013 Silver Award: Leisure & Recreation

Most awards are designed for people to look at and admire. The TIFF PC Award is a little different, this award also encourages the recipients to explore what's inside. A light box is formed from machined aluminum, with a viewfinder at one end and a window with a theatre-format transparency of the winning movie at the other, providing a unique cinematic effect and giving a very personal experience of the movie.

Memory of light  

A stereotypical lamp illuminates a space, this one may bring a slightly different experience. The clear acrylic surrounding the lamp creates a unique space encapsulating an instant, a memory of light.

Materials: textured glass, LED light

Dimensions: 16cm x 16cm x 16 cm

Rip off

Exhibition: 100% Design,Tokyo 2006

It’s great to make new friends at parties, and it’s essential to make contact in memorable ways. Imagine if that contact is not only verbal, but also tactile. The “Rip Off” t-shirt has unique pre-cut tabs and a t-shirt marker pen for you to write your contact details, ready for ripping off by your friends at parties. Prepare to bare, and watch out if you are socially over-active. 


Red Dot  award 2006: Design concept

Together is a costume jewelry-making set that enables two people to express their intimate feelings for each other. Historically, there is a long tradition in Europe of girls making a ring out of strands of their hair for their lovers to wear, and the set brings this tradition up-to-date for the modern world. With Together, fine strands of hair are encased in a resin mold to construct contemporary fashionable costume jewelry, but personalized with a lover’s hair, set deep within the resin.

BlackBerry  Passport

iF Award 2015: Product Design

Inspired by the passport, a universal symbol of mobility, the BlackBerry Passport is perfect for traveling light. To continually evolve, the BlackBerry Passport leverages our strength and heritage, yet is new and innovative. The touch-sensitive keypad affords an efficient typing experience, blending the digital and the physical. To enhance the experience, we used the typeface Slate in the same size and color for the physical and onscreen keys. The stainless steel frame, inspired by modern architecture, is exposed to celebrate durability and visual lightness. The display glass is shaped and polished to perfection, fully integrating into the overall form.

Nokia 1110.jpg

Nokia 1110   

The best selling mobile phone of all time

The Nokia 1110 is designed for universal access to mobile telephony. As one of the world best-selling phones, 250 million units were sold.

It is perhaps the lowest cost phone made by Nokia, The Nokia 1110 utilizes three-dimensional surfaces as visual vocabulary to provide a welcoming and natural feel to the device.  It also  provides the ease-of-use keypad and user interface to consumers of all levels.